ZTE Axon 7 is indeed a beautiful piece of work that has been around for more than a  year now. The phone indeed has a beautiful design and solid build, fantastic audio capabilities, and specifications and features that make it stand out among its peer. But despite its state of the art design and features, many users reported several problems and issues with their phone. So in that spirit I bring to you this article that will enlighten you on some common ZTE android phone troubleshooting tips to help you remedy yourself and your phone from these bugs

But despite the efforts that were put in place by the makers of this phone to make it flawless, this phone just like every other smartphone can hit a roadblock sometimes. When that happens, bear in mind that the problems are common with Android phones and there are known and working solutions for each and every one of them.

Some Common ZTE Android Phone Troubleshooting

#1.   Phone Freezes or Crashes Occasionally

Smartphones generally just like every other piece of gadget are prone to hang or crash at any point time without any heads up, and the ZTE Axon 7 Android Phone is no different. There are several reasons your smartphone crashed or hung, it may be because of an update (app or software) you just installed that has a bug inside. Or that you’ve overworked your smartphone and it froze, or that the storage media is running low

There are a couple of other reasons your smartphone froze or crash randomly or at intervals but do not worry, there is a solution for it.


✔   It is always important to note when the crashing or freezing started if you noticed the problems after you installed an update, or you installed an app, then you need to uninstall the app at once. Or you roll back or revert the update to its original state.

✔   If the freezing or crashing is caused by your device running low on storages, then you might wanna buy an external SD card, or free up some spaces by clearing app data or uninstalling the less important apps.

#2.   Auto Rotate Screen Not Working

✔   This does not mean that the screen doesn’t rotate screen at all, but it is selective on where or when the screen rotates. Some users have reported that the auto-rotate feature on the Axon 7, with certain apps, (camera, gallery, and more), being stuck in the portrait orientation. No need for alarm, here are some common solutions.


✔   A simple reboot has proven severally to fix this issue, but I know you wouldn’t wanna be rebooting your phone because you have to, else you’d be stuck a portrait screen. So setting up a schedule on your phone to boot and turn off at a specific time would be a great way to start.

✔   A rogue app may be causing this issue as well, and some users suggest that Pokemon Go could be the culprit. To check if this is the case, boot the device in Safe Mode and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, a recently-installed application, like Pokemon Go, is the cause for concern. Uninstall any apps that were added just before the problem started, and see if that fixes it

To boot your phone into Safe Mode:

==>>   Hold the power button after ensuring the screen is on.

==>>   Tap and hold the Power off selection in the menu

==>>   Tap OK to initiate Safe Mode

#3.   Charging Problem – Phone Probably Gets Hot While Charging

Normally your smartphone should get warm while it is being charged, that’s one of the ways that indicate that it is being charged, but getting hotter or warmer than expected isn’t an option. 

Some people have found that their ZTE Axon 7 Android smartphone occasionally do get hot (warmer than the usual) during the charging process. It doesn’t simply become warm to the touch, as it would during normal use, but hotter than expected. Fortunately, there are ways to check the phone to determine the cause.


✔   Checking your phone’s charging port for damages would be a nice place to start.

✔   After checking for damages, also check for debris, food crumbs, specks of dust and dirt, etc inside your phone’s charging port.

✔   Make sure that you do not make use of your phone for anything (especially for calls) while it is being charged. Allow the charging cycle to be completed.

#4.   Your ZTE Axon 7 Android Phone is Unable to Charge or Charge Very Slow

While some users reported that their ZTE Axon 7 was getting hotter than the normal temperature while it being charged, others reported that their phones were unable to charge at all, or the charging is really really slow despite the phone’s quick charge feature.


✔   Checking your phone’s charging port for damages would be a nice place to start.

✔   After checking for damages, also check for debris, food crumbs, specks of dust and dirt, etc inside your phone’s charging port.

✔   Check whether the charger or the cable is faulty, and make sure you are using the designated charging accessories.

If the problem is with the charger you usually use, it may be time to buy a new charger or borrow one. And if the problem continues, contact ZTE Support

#5.   Fingerprint scanner Not Working Perfectly

ZTE Axon 7 was one of the phones to feature a fingerprint scanner with an outstanding spec and feature. Though in this case, only a few users of the Axon 7 users complained about the phone’s fingerprint scanner not working properly. So if you are among, here are some possible solutions that you might wanna try now.


✔   First off, make sure that your phone is running the latest OS version of the device.

✔   Then go to the Scanner settings, delete the current fingerprint, reboot the device, and set up the scanner once again. This seems to have worked for anyone who has come across this problem.

✔   You will have an option to set up 2 different fingerprint you’ll be using to unlock your phone, but Instead of setting up different fingerprint scan, set up the same fingerprint which is yours twice.

✔   Clean the area around the scanner, as well as your own hands. Dirt, dust, and other debris can interfere with the scan.

#6   If Your Phone is Running Slow, Laggy and Sluggishly Annoying

Just like the first problem we discussed, there are several reasons why your phone is running low. But in most cases, it will be because of low storage space, or you just installed an app or made an upgrade that doesn’t sit quite well with your phone.


✔   Restart the device.

✔   Check for a new software update by heading to Settings > All Settings > Updates.

✔   If the slowdown becomes more noticeable after updating or installing certain apps, consider uninstalling or downgrading them to see if the phone speeds back up.

✔   Having a bunch of apps running in the background can also cause your phone to be running slow. Force stop them by going to Settings > All Settings > Apps. Select the app you’d like to close and tap Force stop.

#7.   Your Phone Battery Doesn’t Last Long

Axon 7 Android has been rated by many users to have a fantastic battery life. But some users can or might experience excessive battery drain even after fully charging their phone, and without heavily using their phone. However, there are some known solutions which work like a charm on almost all Android phones and you are welcome to try the same solution on your Axon 7.


Consider adjusting some settings to cut down on the amount of power your phone uses. Some setting options which you might want to adjust includes, brightness level, automatic email syncing, Dual SIM and GPS. And here is how to go about them

Brightness – Settings > All Settings > Display > Brightness level.

Email sync – Settings > All Settings > Account > tap the account category > account name > uncheck the box for sync settings.

Dual SIM – Settings > All Settings > Dual Sim Settings > uncheck box for SIM 2 Moblile data.

GPS – Settings > All Settings > Location > turn off the button located in the top-right corner of the display.


And that is all about ZTE android phone troubleshooting, but if in any case, the problem you are experiencing with your ZTE android phone isn’t listed above, kindly drop a comment and you’ll be assisted asap. Still, on other troubleshooting issues, this will interest Apple watch users that we’ve made a tutorial on How to Calibrate Apple Watch To Give You an Accurate Pace And Calories Measurement

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