Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped Fix

It is almost impossible to talk about Samsung phones without talking about Touchwiz. But then again you can’t talk about Touchwiz without talking about this annoying experience of ‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped’ that has bored the heck out of several Samsung users, and if you happen to find yourself reading this article, then yes, chances are that you are looking for a solution. This can happen to variety of Samsung phones like the J’s which of cos includes J1 mini prime, J2, J3, J5. Then the Galaxy family like GalaxyS3, Galaxy  Galaxy S4, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A5, and the almighty Galaxy Tab. 


How Does Unfortunately TouchWiz Home has Stopped?

Just like most issues experienced on Android phones, for instance when you experience a situation where your phone says Unfortunately Process com.android.phone has Stopped, you’ll notice that the first thing that happens is that your phone becomes frozen and unresponsive. Then it’ll display this error message unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped which keeps on coming up over and over again despite after tapping on the OK button. But here’s what you don’t know about this..


The issue of this touchwiz malfunctioning on Samsung phones is so annoying not only does it pops up over and over, it renders your phone unusable at the moment and then you loose every unsaved thing you were working on, which by the is the same thing that will happen when your PC gets frozen because of some hardware issue.


Furthermore, the touchwiz malfunctioning issue  will likely make all the running tasks, apps, and of course processes to terminate instantly, meaning you can easily lose data that has not been saved permanently. Be that as it may, I promised you a solution to this unfortunate touchwiz home issue and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get irrespective of the device you are using. But  before we delve into providing a solution, let’s first define and understand the problem we are facing because a problem well known and defined problem is problem half solved.


Now, What is TouchWiz

Like I said earlier, you cannot talk about touchwiz without liking it to Samsung, as such, Touchwiz is Samsung’s home/default launcher just the same Hios, XOS and EMUI is to several several MTK phones like Xiaomi, Tecno, Infnix which by the way has several fakes in the Android market but with our guide on how to know the original infinix phone from the fake will help say well informed and not fall a victim of buying a fake Android phone. Now back to the topic, Touchwiz provides a Home Screen, App Screen and the general graphical user interface for several Samsung Android phones.

Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped

With the touchwhiz in place, you can do several display and animation customizations like home-screen and lock-screen wallpaper on your phone, app menu arrangements, animation and transition effects, moving and sorting of into folders and related categories, and so on. In fact, touchwiz is a mediator between the Android OS and you as the phone user.


However, it is to my understand this mediator (Touchwiz Home) can in some cases bring happiness and satisfaction to some users as well a being thing of annoyance to others because of this unfortunate touchwiz has stopped and I am sorry about that, but permit me to tell you what is the cause.


What Causes Touchwiz Home Has Stopped Problem?

Just like every issue with Android phones, every problem starts with a little tiny bug and almost all of them starts after you have done any of the following;

  1. You updated your OS
  2. You installed a buggy third party application
  3. You added some buggy system or thirdparty widgets
  4. Your phone has simply had enough

Now let’s tackle each of these one after the other because if you are reading this, chances are that you are familiar with the following terms Use Touchwiz Home as Home, or Complete action using Touchwiz, when doing things like moving apps to folders and displays error message or when uninstalling apps and displays an error message. 

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Solution to Touchwiz Error Caused by Installed Widgets

Widgets makes a phones to look nicer and beautiful, they give our phones these kind of easy looks, feels and shortcuts to several apps and settings of even files that are in our phones. These widgets comes pre-installed while some comes with some third-party apps we’ve installed. 

If you noticed that Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped right after you enabled a third-party widget that came with an app you installed, then you’ll have to disable the widget or even install the app if you have to.

Then if you are using a pre-installed system widget that came with the phone’s default OS, then you will have to check and see if you’r phone’s maker has a solution to this in their forum (because every phone maker has theirs). Also, you might explore other options like upgrading your phone’s OS to a higher version because chances are that the issue has been fixed.

How to Fix Touchwiz Home Has Stopped Problem After OS Update

Say you recently updated your phone to higher OS or downgraded your OS to a lower version maybe because the higher version wasn’t up to your expectation and you’re better off with the the lower version and vice versa. Chances are that the files from either the old version you downgraded to or the new files you upgraded to hasn’t be fully deleted from your phone’s system storage, thus causing the problem.

And you know, 2 captains in one ship, and such, you have to erase every trace of file from either versions of the OS which you are not using. But not to worry, a simple factory reset will fix every touchwiz problem that may arise after you did an OS update.


Fix Touchwiz Home Has Stopped Problem After You installed a buggy third party application

So you saw this awesome app with cool features and you thought it’d be st to try it out especially if its free or its a new app that just launched and offers some kind of reward, I mean who wouldn’t? But then again you notice some messy behavoiurs shortly after you installed this app. The simple truth is that you need to be app you just installed is buggy. 

A simple fix to this to report to the developer of the app and possibly send them the crash log and then update to the higher version of the app where the said issue has been addressed. And while you wait, you can force stop the app, clear its app data or even uninstall the app if the it keeps affecting your phones Touchwiz.


Bugs only can’t possibly be the only reason why your phone’s touchwiz home keeps acting out of script. The said app itself could be those kinda apps that requires a lot of resources from the CPUof your phone to run. These kinda apps will put a lot of load on the memory and if your phone is not as powerful to handle it, you’ll be having touchwiz problems with your phone.


How To Fix Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped?

These are the major fixes and solution to this issue of Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped which has been disturbing several Sammy users all these time, they are as follows;


  1.    Change of turn off the animation scale
  2.    Disable motion and apps gestures
  3.    Clear Touchwiz app data
  4.    Use your phone in safe mode
  5.    Enable Samsung Easy Mode
  6.    Wipe cache partition or perform a factory reset (This should be a last resort)

#1.   Change the animation scale

Technology is all about two things, “Speed and Accuracy.” Neither user experience/customer’s satisfaction will be achieved if any of the two is missing in a any device you are using. In this case, changing the animation will not only fix your phone’s touchwiz problem but it’ll as well somewhat faster. To change your phone’s animation scale;

  •    Pull your phone’s device’s Settings.
  •    Navigate to About device section –>> Software Info
  •    Then ‘Tap on build number’ Until you get a notification that says you are now a developer!
  • Now go back to the settings menu and open Developer Options you will see which wasn’t there before. 
  • Under Animator Duration scale choose .5x or even turn it off.
  • Now do the same for each of the values for Window Animation scale and Transition animation scale.


#2.    Disable Motion and Apps Gestures

To disable motion and app gestures so as to fix Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped problem, just follow these steps

  •    Pull up your phones device’s Settings.
  •    Navigate to My device section.
  •    Unmark  the checkbox, ‘Motions/Gestures’.


#3.   Clear Touchwiz app data

Sometimes having several settings and customization can sometimes mess things up secretly without us knowing. Now when that happens or when it seems like these phones have had enough, then the best thing to do is to go back to the default, and in the case of fixing touchwiz problem, the best course of action to take here is to here is to clear the app’s data. And to do that;

Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped

  • Tap Apps From any Home screen,
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll to ‘APPLICATIONS,’ then tap Application manager.
  • Swipe right to the ALL screen.
  • Find and tap Touchwiz.
  • Tap Clear cache.
  • Tap Clear data, then OK. [NOTE: All your Home screens items will be deleted]


#4.   Use your phone in safe mode

Booting any Android phone and making use of it in safe mode has proven times without number to be a remedy to fixing several android problems and in the case of this touchwiz problem it is not a exemption. To boot your phone into safe mode;

  • Power down your phone
  • Boot up the phone again, once the phone is on, release the power button and hold the Volume down (-) button. 
  • Hold the Volume down (-) button until your phone boots completely to the home-screen. 

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#5.   Enable Samsung Easy Mode

I never imagined that enabling Standard mode on Samsung Galaxy could actually be a solution to fixing Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped on my J1 but hey, gues wohat? it actually worked. And now you too can get the same benefit and have your phone’s issue fixed. To enable Standard mode on Samsung Galaxy,

  • Open your device’s Settings.
  • Navigate to the Personalization section.
  • Click on ‘Easy Mode‘.


#6.   Wipe cache partition or perform a factory reset

Please doing either of this should be a last resort because this will wipe your phone’s internal memory state clean. To wipe the cache partition on your Samsung phone so as to fix the Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped problem,

  • Hold the Home Key, Volume/+ (up) Key, and Power Key simultaneously while the phone is off.
  • When the phone vibrates as a sign of power on, release only the Power Key
  • The phone should boot into recovery menu, now on the Android Recovery, use the Volume/- Key to Navigate to ‘Wipe Cache partition’. And use the power button as a  Select key
  • Select the option ‘Reboot system now’ once the wiping is completed

To perform a factory reset on your Samsung phone;

  • Hold the Home Key, Volume/+ (up) Key, and Power button simultaneously while the phone is off.
  • When the phone vibrates as a sign of power on, release only the Power button
  • The phone should boot into recovery menu, now on the Android Recovery, use the Volume/- Key to Navigate to Wipe data/factory reset. And use the power button as a  Select key.  Then confirm your selection by selecting “Yes delete all user data
  • Select the option ‘Reboot system now’ once the wiping is completed.

Finally, these steps listed above are the simplest and proven ways to fix the Unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped takeover problem on your Samsung phone or any other phone that uses touchwiz home as it home launcher and UI. 

Alternatively, other Android users that want to have a feel of Touchwiz can download Touchwiz apk from Google PlayStore or Samsung Experience for the more recent device starting from Android 7.0 Nougat.


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