Uber is the world’s largest cab company with over 5000 employees and no physical motor park. Ever since I learned about the company and their mode of operations, I’ve never had any reason(s) to enlist their services because yes, uber sucks. And it’s been like that for me until a couple of weeks ago when I had a few hiccups with private transportation.
It started out by me using the app on my phone for other people(s), little did I know that I will soon be using it for myself too. You might be wondering why I don’t use Uber since everybody does, well the simple and honest reason is that up till recently the company wasn’t available in my city, I owned a car / preferred to drive and I am not much of a traveler so there were little chances of me going to places  where Uber is available.

Yes, Uber Sucks, But Here is Why I Use it.

Uber’s reputation is high and is low as well according to what I’ve been able to gather and understand from other users reviews from around the internet. On several occasions, I’ve seen posts shared on social media blasting uber drivers and in some cases, I’ve seen the opposite as well. Personally, I prefer Lyft to Uber, and I’ve always wondered why anyone would still use it since some people I’ve seen used it hasn’t said anything 100% satisfactory about them. But my thinking and understanding that Uber sucks were haphazard since I haven’t had a first-hand experience of their services until recently.

Uber drivers review

It all started when I got an invite to speak at an IT conference/seminar that was organized by a startup company that works out of a garage in one of the outskirts of San Francisco. Before my touch down I had earlier intended to use Lfyt since I am already familiar with them, but since San Francisco was the home of Uber, I said to myself it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use this an opportunity to make my Uber debut.

Uber delivery reviews

Using the Uber app felt different this time (maybe its because I am using it for myself this time). It wasn’t long after I booked the taxi, my driver arrived and I hopped in and there goes my first Uber experience. Throughout my stay in San Francisco, I used Uber (mostly because it was already on my phone) and I have to say I was about getting used to it. The drivers weren’t all locals, they were pleasant, almost to a fault friendly as well except for the last 2.

Uber App review

Uber app is indeed convenient and easy to use, despite the odd posts and reviews I read about the company, I can still say that I got the level of satisfaction most customers would settle for to the extent that I was easily carried away into forgetting I was really in a hurry to get somewhere which happened more than once.

Uber customer reviews

One thing led to the other I started wondering why Uber gets such bad reviews from several people across the internet and social media. We’ve seen several of Uber’s faults, flawed culture and scandal almost on weekly/monthly basis  — where it underpays drivers, spies on readers, built a self-driving car that killed someone, maintains a toxic internal environment etc. And then I found myself asking this question — do any of these flaws and scandal matter provided that you as a customer gets the product satisfaction you’re looking for?
How much does the average person care while trying to get somewhere say at 1 or 2 a.m. and the person driving them is offering water and lollipops? which by the way isn’t included in your tab?

Uber sucks, but I finally understand why people still use it

I found an answer to my question “Uber sucks”? after my stay at San Francisco, I did a little research on my own and I finally understand and see the reason people still use it despite all the not so positive reviews and talks by several people.
According to financial reports by Axios in August last year, the number of trips taken via Uber has risen by 150%. Judging by Uber’s growth rate, I can comfortably say that I am far from being the only one who uses uber despite its flaws and scandals.

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