Towards the end of 2017, several users around the internet shared screenshots of their Facebook Account requesting their photo ID as a means of identification. At first, it was thought to be a bug or some testing gone wrong, but it was later confirmed by Facebook themselves that they working on Facebook Facial recognition and will soon start asking users for their pictures so as to confirm their accounts. But I understand that some users wouldn’t wanna feel like they are constantly being spied on because of this new development that Facebook added, so here is a simple guide on how to Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition.


I do not feel particularly comfortable about this, but digging further into learning about the Facebook facial recognition and what good it could do. I’ve come to understand that it is for the privacy and safety of its users The newly introduced privacy feature can tell whether someone has uploaded your photo to Facebook’s network. Which will in turn fish out tons of fake Facebook accounts.Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition


If you have been using Facebook at least since the first day of this week till now, you must’ve seen a notification on your news feed similar to the one shown in below screenshot, It is Facebook’s way of informing their users about this new change that is coming to the platform.

According to the Mark Zuckerberg owned number social media network in the world, analyzing people’s faces and storing them has its benefits. For instance, people can know if someone has uploaded their picture onto the network, regardless of whether they’re tagged in it or not.



Another advantage is that Facebook could tell you whether a stranger is using your photo as their profile picture and help visually impaired users identify people in photographs.

Facebook claimed that they aren’t storing people’s photos (directly), rather they make a digital faceprint of the person (some sort of a blueprint) and stores it in their database.

Every individual has a unique faceprint they same way they have a unique fingerprint and there is almost a zero percent chance that two individuals will have the same digital faceprint. Though Apple’s iPhone X facial recognition has failed severally to differentiate between a mother and her son and another occasion, a 3D mask from a real human face.

But Facebook’s facial recognition should be more sophisticated and complex compared to what was seen in iPhone X. And it promised to help Facebook minimize fake accounts as well as unauthorized image uploads.

You should also know that this isn’t the first time Facebook is using this kind of technology. Facial recognition has been in existence on Facebook long before now, used in tagging people in pictures, but this new feature is taking it to a whole new level.

I expected that this facial recognition will be a must-use-feature for all Facebook users, the same they did with the Facebook messenger, but surprisingly, there is an option to turn off the facial recognition both on a mobile app and on a web browser.


How to Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition?

If you wish to turn off or disable Facebook’s face recognition on your Android, open your Facebook app and then go to Settings > Account Settings > Face Recognition Settings. There tap “Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?” options. Choose ‘No‘ to disable the feature.


Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition on PC

Open your Facebook account on a desktop computer, navigate to Settings >>> Face Recognition. There click the same option and disable face recognition. It’s a one time process to turn off Facebook face recognition. You disable it on one device (eg PC), and the setting is applied to your Facebook account on its app and vice versa

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