In the 21st century where everything is digitalized, there is what is popularly known as digital footprints. These digital footprints whenever we make use of any digital equipment like making a phone call, accessing a website, using the internet, sign up for anything online etc. But really, is it possible to track phone number location free? read on and find out.
track phone number location free
Though I am not particularly comfortable with some of these things due to privacy issues and security concerns, sometimes they do come in handy in some situations. Say for instance you lost something like your phone. 

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Another scenario where something like this will come in handy would be when keeping tabs on someone, (for good intents of course). You could use it to know the actual location of your child or spouse and confirm if it checks out.

How To Track phone number location free

To track and know a phone number location free, you will have to enlist the services of Truecaller. It is a very powerful application that allows you to search for any business, financial institution or individual names with their exact location and number. To get started;
1.   Visit the Trucaller website
2.   It’ll automatically detect your location using your IP address. Or you can select your country of interest
3.    Type in the phone number in the search bar
4.   Sign in with your FB or GooglePlus account to check out any number you want to track or trace. (You can’t see the results of your search if you don’t sign in).
You can either use the website version of Truecaller or you download their app free of charge from Google Play Store

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