Many of us own and make use of iPhones on daily basis but know nothing beyond what we already know about iPhones. Besides making phone calls, sending text messages, doing IM, Facetime and all, we have no knowledge again other things that our iPhones can do. So today I will we sharing with us hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018, as well as what each and every one of them does. The list will start with the basics and then progress from there

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Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018

✓     *#06#
It will display your iPhone’s IMEI number. It is an identifier for your mobile phone hardware. The code is pretty much the same as all mobile phones, not just exclusively iPhones.

✓     *3001#12345#*
This code shows you all of your iPhone personal settings, cell information, and newest network.

✓     *#67#
Used to manage your call forwarding settings

✓     *646#
Displays available minutes for postpaid customers.

✓      *225# 
To check the Bill Balance, again, for postpaid customers only.

✓      *777#
A code used by prepaid customers for checking account balance.

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✓      *#33#
This code is used for checking and managing baring settings for calls, SMS, Fax, etc.

✓     *#76#
For checking and managing iPhone’s presentation settings

✓    *#21#
Used for checking and managing call forwarding settings.

✓    *3282#
Displays your iPhone’s usage info.

✓    *#61#
To check numbers of missed calls.

✓    *#62#
Used for number verification of calls forwarding if there is no service is available.

✓   *3370#
This code is used to enable EFR mode (Enhanced Full Rate). What EFR does is to improve your iPhone’s voice quality, but it will slightly reduce battery life.

✓   *#5005*7672#
This code is used to check SMS center.

✓   *#43#, *43# and #43#
To check your call waiting status, activate call waiting and deactivate call waitng.

✓   #31#Phone-number + call
Enables you to hide your phone number or caller ID. This code isn’t exclusive to iPhones.

✓   ##002# -> Tap call
It will disable all call forwarding/voicemail. Please note that to re-enable voicemail again, you’ll have to consult your respective carrier’s documentation or manual.

And that is the top best and latest Phone Secret Codes 2018 and works on all iPhones.

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