The Malware or the Dazwindowsapps Virus as some people will call it isn’t something new though it might be new to some persons. If you are steadily using your PC to browse the internet and download stuff(s) online, you’d know that one’s PC can get infected easily. Because even PCs that don’t or rarely get connected to the internet gets infected via other offline means. Whichever the case may be, this guide will show you exactly how you can remove dazwindowsapps virus which affects most of Windows PC


That being said, it is worth mentioning and reminding you that in our 21st century, malware attacks are sometimes inevitable, especially in this jet age when everything has gone from Analogue to Digital. Digital machines are equipment are prone to external attacks either voluntarily or involuntarily. But in everything, the best we can do is to make awareness of it and then try as much as possible to stay safe and secure online.


How to Know if Your PC is Infected With dazwindowsapps malware

Over the past weeks I noticed some odd behaviours with my Chrome Web Browser, it began to lag annoyingly whenever I am surfing the net with it, but I initially thought it was from my ISP.

Then later I noticed this webpage ( automatically pops up on its own. I had no idea of what it was but I did a research about it, and I found out that it is some Kind of malware.

So if you are experiencing the same ordeal, just know that your PC has been hit with a Malware. The best solution is to perform a clean Windows Installation. However, some users may be uncomfortable to run an installation of Windows, luckily, there is an alternative which you can apply to remedy your PC.

How To Easily Remove dazwindowsapps Virus

1.    Open the Task Scheduler app (for Windows 10) or Schedule Tasks (for Windows 8).

2.    Click on “Task Scheduler Library” and then keep it highlighted. 

3.    In the center panel, locate PPI Update and then use the options on the other side of the panel to delete it.

4.    Finally, take a closer look at the other tasks and remove any unknown, strange or unfamiliar tasks you find. Then reboot your PC.

P.S. you couldn’t see PPI Update in the screenshot above because I have removed mine and my PC is now in good condition. Good luck, I hope it helps and works for you too.

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