If you’ve been online for a reasonable amount of time you (even if you aren’t a netizen), must’ve heard of names like Tesla Motors, Space X, or PayPal at the very least. You might be wondering what these things share in common and you might be surprised to know that these big and multi-billion dollar companies are all founded by one man, Elon Musk and if you are like me, I sometimes wonder what Elon Musk resume will look like with all of his achievements. 
Resume-of Elon-Musk
Elon Musk is a technology entrepreneur (or what I like to call technopreneur), his reputation proceeds him not just as a founder of one of the worlds biggest technology companies but as an inventor.
As one of the world’s leading technology inventors, I sometimes imagine in my little brain what his resume would look like, cos I mean come on, he must have started from somewhere, right? He once searched for a job or maybe he had or still has this need to have a resume in his name
Random thoughts like this more often come to my head and in the case of Elon Musk, his resume would be a wall of fame. I sometime ago imagined that he’d need a billboard for his resume but just like an old man I knew once said, the biggest gifts come in small boxes, that being said, you’d be surprised to know that Resume of Elon Musk fits on one page! 
So, I am guessing you would need more than a couple of pages long resume to explain your achievements, and there is no chance it’d fit into a single A4 or Legal-sized lain paper  — right? Well, this resume for Elon Musk proves you never need to use more than one page.

How to Write a Resume?

Often times I’ve found myself in-between people having long arguments over the length of resumes. Today I get to be in favour of long resumes and then tomorrow I find myself being against long resumes. At the end of the day, I’d say it all boils down to choice, some people prefer concise and to-the-point resumes, others vote for detailed ones that tell as much as possible. 

Elon Musk resume


Elon Musk Resume in One Page

Be that as it may, an online resume-writing firm Novoresume refuses to accept this with the help of its less-is-more concept resumes as they have their own idea of how resumes should be, (short, precise, point-to-point, and simple). This firm has created a resume for Elon Musk and with all his achievements fitted into one single page.
They (Novoresume) also released the sample of the resume they created for Elon Musk as seen above, thereby supporting their notion that you don’t need long pages for your résumé.
After going through this résumé of Elon Musk prepared by Novorésumé, I’d say they make a pretty good argument, and Overall, this proves that with right design and elements, you never need more than one page.

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