The Complete List of Commands for Google Home That We Know so Far

List of Commands Google Home commands – Google Home is a brand of smart speakers developed by Google, this Google home speakers enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant. In this article, we’ve compiled a List of Commands Google Home commands which is meant to help you get the most from your smart home speaker

List of Commands Google Home commands

It is true that the Google Home might not have the Amazon Echo’s “skills,” but there’s still plenty it can do. With a simple voice command, this smart home speaker can let you do so many things like set timers, control temperature, and lights, play trivia games, watch YouTube or Netflix etc.

Now with this little but mighty device is a bunch of actions and operations it can perform, and to take those actions, it must first of all be commanded to do so, because computer they say is idiot machine. Though these smart devices can act on their own, they must, first of all, get a command from a user to take such action. And with Google home speaker you can only imagine the possibility of commands this thing can accept.

However, to make learning and getting acquainted with these commands easier for users, Google made a website that contains all of Google Assistant commands but this website can’t be of much use to you if you don’t know the basics. You need to first get yourself familiarized with the speaker, some commands and what these commands can do because the speaker is heavily based on search. Meaning that if you don’t know the basics, you probably won’t know what to look for or where to look at.

Below are (some) List of Commands Google Home Commands and Functions

Be that as it may, we’ve compiled a list of possible commands of Google home speaker anyone could think of and with the help of some colleagues and friends, these commands were all tested. Below is a list that contains (almost) all the voice commands for google home.

To Summon the Google Assistant

To begin anything in any device that is powered by Google Assistant, you’ll have to, first of all, summon or wake up the AI by saying “OK, Google,” or “Hey, Google.” If I am in a strictly business mood, I’ll be like “OK, Google,” and if I am in a chatty mood, I’ll be like “Hey, Google.” Whichever command you choose to use works just fine.

Basic Google Home Commands

After summoning the assistant, you then give it some basic commands like asking for help, make it start or stop something, turn up or lower the volume, and to do any of the aforementioned tasks, Just begin each command with “OK, Google,” or “Hey, Google,” then followed by the command. For instance,
  • To ask for help: “OK, Google, help.”
  • Control the volume: “OK, Google, turn it up,” or “OK, Google, Louder” or “OK, Google, Turn it to 7.” (to turn up the volume of the speaker to seven or any other number you can choose. NB: the maximum volume is 11).



  • Halt an action: “OK Google, stop,” “Pause” or “Be quiet.”


Combine Two or More Commands

Initially, when the Google home made its debut, there wasn’t the ability to combine two or more command but recently they enabled a new feature on Google Home which allows users to speak two consecutive commands in one sentence. For instance, you can say things like, “Hey Google, play John Legend on Spotify and set the volume to 5” or “OK Google, what’s the weather and turn on the living room lights.”
Please note that some of these combined commands need to be rephrased in a certain pattern before the assistant will pick them up and recognize them. To make things easier for, you can use the voice shortcut feature to set these commands exactly the way you want them to be. Don’t forget you’ll have to start each of these shortcut commands with “OK, Google,” or “Hey, Google.” Some of the things you can set their shortcuts phrases(s) include;
 “OK, Google, tell me about my day” to hear your daily personalized greeting and get information about the weather, your day, calendar and schedule, even some curated news and stories.

Get Weather Forcast 

You can also say “OK Google, do I need an umbrella today? or “OK Google, how’s the weather today” to know about today’s weather. 

Create/ Schedule a new calendar event

You can add new events to your calendar using the assistant, all you have to do is to say “OK, Google new calendar event” or OK, Google, add [event] to my calendar or “OK, Google, schedule [event] for me on Saturday at 8 p.m.” For instance, you can say Google, schedule [Aunt Megan’s 40th Birthday party] for me on Saturday at 8 p.m.” Google, schedule [Luke’s welcome home party] for me on Saturday at 7 p.m.”

Create and Handle Reminder (Based on Location)

  • To create a reminder: “OK, Google, remind me to [title] on [day] and [time]” or “OK, Google, remind me to [title] every day at [time].” OK Google, remind me to [Water the flowers] on [every day] at [06:30]” Or OK Google, remind me to [visit the vet] on [Wednesday] at [16:00]”


  •  If you are like me that tends to forget little things, you can tell your Google Assistant to remind them for you even if you aren’t at home at the moment. For instance, you can tell the assistant to remind you of buying a milkshake when you are at Freddy’s (Grocery Store), all you have to do is say “Hey, Google”, remind me to buy eggs when I’m at the Freddy’s.”  OK, Google, [remind me to get Billy from the trainer when I get home] 


You can also get the assistant to play you the reminder before their time or schedule by simply saying “OK, Google, what are my reminders?” or “OK, Google, what are my reminders tomorrow?” or “OK, what is my reminder for [title]?” Which can be today, tomorrow, next tomorrow, next week or month, etc.

You can do Maths and Numbers

Sometimes I would want my daughter to give me a break on the amount of stress she pours on me especially after having a really long day. So I’d let her play with Google Home and be doing some simple maths and calculations. This is also one of the new features that Google included to their assistant (and search engine as well), and to use it for maths “OK, Google, what is [100 times 19?”] or “OK, Google, [341 plus 97?”]
  • Count: “OK, Google, count [1 to 50.”]
  • Measurements: [“OK, Google, how many liters are in 40 gallons.”]
  • Currency conversion: [“OK, Google, how much is 100 Euros in US dollars?”] [“OK, Google, how much is 1000 Rands in Pounds?”]


Tell Time (Local and Overseas)

To get the stress off my back for a couple of hours more, I’d make her learn different times in and outside the country using Google home. To do the same, simply say “OK, Google, [what time is it]” and to tell time in other locations, simply say “OK, Google, [what’s the time in Manchester]?” “OK, Google, [what’s the time in Berlin]?”

Other time Management actions you can perform with includes;

  • Set alarm: “OK, Google, set an alarm for [time]” or “OK, Google, set an alarm for every day at [time].” “OK, Google, set an alarm for every day at [05:30].”


  • Snooze alarm: “OK, Google, [snooze alarm].”
  • Cancel alarm: “OK, Google, cancel my alarm for [time].
  • To set a timer: “OK Google, set a timer for [time].”
  • To set multiple timers: “OK, Google, set a second timer for [time]” or “OK, Google, set a pizza timer for [time].”
  • To check timer: “OK, Google, how much time is left on my timer?”
  • To cancel timer: “OK, Google, cancel my timer.”


Using Google Home as a Tool

I didn’t know this one was actually possible until last weekend when I attended a child christening of a colleague. Google home can actually be used to get recipes on a particular dish, remember things (not like in the case of a reminder) etc. Some of the tool-commands you can use includes
  • Get recipes: “OK, Google, how do I make [African salad]?”



  • Tune an instrument: My colleague happened to be a songwriter and musical director, so she’s got all these fancy musical instruments that she’s using to cool off some steam after long work hours So she’d use Google home to fine tune and set some of the instruments just by saying “OK, Google, [tune my instrument]” or “OK, Google, [play an F sharp.]


Please note that If you don’t specify “flat” or “sharp,” you must say “note” after stating which note you want Google Home to play, such as “play an A note.” For instance “OK, Google, [play key G.]” 


  • To help remember things: I am sure you’ve also had a situation where you kept things for maybe for safekeeping or for preservation or you just wanna to keep it out of the reach of the kids and then you later needed that thing but damn! you can’t remember where you kept it. Don’t worry, Google Home can help you remember just make sure you tell Google where you saved or kept that particular thing immediately after saving it just by saying “OK, Google, [remember that I put my passport in the filing cabinet]


  • To know where you are and location: Tell Locations “OK, Google, [where am I]?



To Get language translations: “OK, Google, how do you say [word] in [language]?” for instance “OK, Google, how do you say [Thank you] in [Farsi]?

Make Searches, Find, Events, Answers, and Meanings


You can use Google home to find answers to some simple questions, learn spellings etc. Below are some of the available commands in this category;



  • Find the meaning of Words: “OK, Google, what does [word] mean?” “OK, Google, what does [exculpate] mean?”
  • Get day to special events: “OK, Google, when is [event]?” for instance “OK, Google, when is [Palm Sunday]?” “OK, Google, when was [Barrack Obama swore into office]?” etc
  • Get info on people: “OK, Google, who is [person]?” for instance “OK, Google, who is [Jeff Bezos]?” “OK, Google, who is [the richest black man]?”, “OK, Google, who is [Donald Trump]?” etc.
  • Learn Animal sounds: “OK, Google, what does [animal] sound like?” for instance “OK, Google, what does [an elephant] sound like?”
  • Get quotes and texts: “OK, Google, give me a [type of quote]” for instance “OK, Google, give me a [love quote].”
  • Get a medical information: “OK, Google, what is [medical term]?” for instance “OK, Google, [what is a torn meniscus]?”
  • Get to know book authors: “OK, Google, who wrote [book title]?” for instance “OK, Google, who wrote [Things fall apart]?”
  • Know inventors: “OK, Google, who invented [item]?” for instance “OK, Google, who invented [the electric bulb]?”
  • Know if there are eateries and restaurants around: “OK, Google, what are the nearest restaurants to me?”
  • Know the nutritional values of food or snack: “OK, Google, how many calories are in [food item]?” For instance “OK, Google, how many calories are in [pork]?”
  • Get details about distance: “OK, Google, how far is [business name] from here?” for instance “OK, Google, how far is [YouTube HQ] from here?” It can also be used to get distance on far and near locations, for instance, “OK, Google, how far is [Baltimore] from here?” and so on

List of Google home commands for shopping

These commands are automatically linked to Google Express, but you are welcome to try and see if it can work with other online stores like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and so on. Below are the available Google  home commands that can be used for shopping
  • To get voice shopping instructions and help: “OK, Google, [how do I shop]?”
  • Add an item to the shopping list: “OK, Google, add [item] to my shopping list.”
  • Order an item(s):  “OK, Google,buy [item].” for ins tance “OK, Google,buy [dish soap].”
  • Reorder a previously purchased item: “OK, Google, reorder [item.]” for instance “OK, Google, reorder [Old Spice deodorant.]
  • Check your shopping list: “OK, Google, [what’s on my shopping list]?”

List of Google home commands for Playing Music

This is also one of my favourite uses of Google home, after a long day at work and all the hassles, I get home and would want some soft sounds to help me relax and get through the rest of the evening but don’t have the strength to multitask. Then I easily employ my Google home do the song selection. To use Google home for playing music, these are some of the commands you’d have to get yourself familiarized with,
  • To play music: to play a track with Google home, just say “OK, Google, play some music” or if you particular a particular genre, just say “OK Google, “Play some [genre] music.” For instance “OK Google, “Play some [country] music.”
  • Play ambient sounds: “OK, Google, [help me relax]” or “OK, Google, play [white noise]” or “OK, Google [play forest sounds].”
  • To play a particular track by a particular artist: “OK Google, Play [song]” by [artist].” for instance, “OK Google, Play [You saved me]” by [R. Kelly].”
  • To play a song by its lyrics: As funny as this might sound, I have been saved a ton of times by this command, I’ve heard several songs over the stereo but couldn’t get the name of the artist. So what I normally do is to sing a line or two of that particular song to Google home and it’ll do the rest, To play a song by its lyrics using Google home, simply say “OK, Google, play the song that goes, [music lyrics]?'” for instance “OK, Google, play the song that goes, [‘Is this the real life]?'”
  • To play an album: “OK, Google, play [name of the album].” For instance, “OK, Google, play [No guts no Glory].”
  • Ask what’s playing: Also, you can details on a particular song or album just by saying “OK, Google, [what song is this]?” or “OK, Google, [what album is this]?” or “OK, Google, [when was this song/album released]?”
Google Home can also be used on external music hubs like Spotify, Pandora, etc. The following are the commands you are to use.



  • To play music or track by an artist on Spotify: “OK, Google, play [artist/track] on Spotify.” for instance OK, Google, play [Florida Georgia Line] on Spotify.” or OK, Google, play [Whistle] on Spotify.”



  • Play music on Pandora: “OK, Google, play [Miley Cyprus] on Pandora.”


  • Play stations on TuneIn Radio: “OK, Google, play [station] on TuneIn.”

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And while the track is playing, you can quickly like or dislike the track just by telling Google Home to do so just by saying “OK, Google, [dislike] this song.” or “OK, Google, [like] this song.”
You can also use Google home to control your Netflix, play a movie or TV show on Netflix using Chromecast just by saying: “OK, Google, play [show or movie title] on the [TV name].” For instance “OK, Google, play [Jessica Jones] on the [Home Sony TV].”
You can as well control the playlist with a rewind or fast-forward commands that go like this Fast forward and rewind: “OK, Google, skip forward two minutes]” or “OK, Google, [skip backward 30 seconds].” This works on both audio tracks, videos, and on YouTube.
  • Read Audiobooks: to use Google Home to read books simply say “OK, Google, [read my book]” but if you have a particular book in mind, just say “OK, Google, read [book title].” for instance, “OK, Google, read [awakening the giant in me].”
If you’d like to skip chapters, just say “OK, Google, [next/previous chapter].” And if you’d like to know who wrote a book (audiobook author) that is being read, just say “OK, Google, [who wrote this]?”

Google Home commands for News and Entertainment

For news and gossip lovers, you can use Google home to stay updated on whats trending the news, sports, celebrity gossips etc with the following commands;
  • For sports updates: “OK, Google, who is [name of the team] playing next?” or “OK, Google, did the [name of a team] win last night?”
  • Sports scores: “OK, Google, what was the score for the last [name of the team] game?”
  • Movies Update: “OK, Google, [what movies came out last Friday] ?”
  • To get casting for movies: “OK, Google, what actors are in [movie]?” For instance “OK, Google, what actors are in [Rampage]?”
  • TV shows by network(s): “OK, Google, what shows are on [network]?” For instance “OK, Google, what shows are on [Fox]?” “OK, Google, what shows are on [CW]?”

List of Google home commands for Travel

Google home can also be used to handle flight-related issues like flight booking, pricing, check your flight and so on. All you need to do is to use any of the following commands;
  • Get flight prices to a destination: “OK, Google, [how much is a round-trip flight to Louisianna]?”
  • Get flights with a specific airline: “OK, Google, find me flights with [Bristish Airways].” For instance “OK, Google, find me flights with [Jet Blue].”
  • Check on your flights: “OK, Google, [when is my next flight]?” or “OK, Google, my flights in [this, next month].” etc.
  • Discover places to visit: “OK, Google, what is there to see in [Location]?” For instance “OK, Google, what is there to see in [Paris]?”
  • Find restaurants to try: “OK, Google, what’s the best restaurant in [Liverpool]?”
This list of commands for Google Home is huge and will be updated as time goes on.


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