The Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store is one of its kind flagship store which has three floors, (each about 40 feet wide), the ground floor of about 85 feet deep (the second and third floors are about 50 feet deep). The 35-feet tall flagship store has 3 stories occupied by the most complex and immense glass staircase ever built, (seriously you really need to see it.
Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store
Taking a glance at the exterior of the complex, you’ll notice that the general structural view of the store doesn’t look like a typical Apple store except for the Apple’s logo made of black metal, hanging from a post. Be that as it may, the store’s huge windows which are in the ground floor allows you to have an interrupted a view into the store from both the adjacent sidewalk and from any point in the surrounding neighborhood. From the nearest corner are two entrances on both the 14th St. and 9th Ave.

Exploring the Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store

Now let me take you in to explore the 14th street apple store in all its glory. Now in the inside, you will see some usual Apple features (which aren’t present on the outside). Stone flooring (for good friction), back-lit wall graphics, white ceiling, and wood display tables. Like I said earlier that the store spans three-stories but what I didn’t mention ab initio is that each of these floors has a particular Apple product sold on them as follows.

Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store

    –  The First/ground floor is simply computer display. 
    –  The second-floor showcases software, book, and accessory. 
    –  The third floor has ceiling lights in a circular pattern, not to be a spy or anything, but I believe an arrangement like this one is indicating that a Creative Bar is just beneath it.
To access the top floors is a glass staircase, very thick and super reinforced in a circular core, and on this core are the outer sidewalls. To make the stairs easily usable, there are 14 treads to a landing, and then another 11 threads to the second floor, with a duplicate of this arrangement leading to the 3rd floor. But if you don’t wish to use the stairs, there’s an elevator around an adjacent corner, it’s just simply out of view. If you made it past the first floor and would like to use the elevator, there is a glass bridge that was constructed to connect the floor to the elevator lobby.

Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store
Apple 14th Street Manhattan Flagship Store according to claims by the company is the largest the whole of Empire State. And if you have it in mind to visit this store, you want to want to go extra prepared because the season ain’t summer inside those reinforced thick glasses, for the record, the Apple store on 14t Street is so cold! I had gloves, several layers of clothes and a heavy jacket, but was still freezing.
Apple after the store’s opening declared that the Apple Store West 14th Street is Apple’s first three-story store with two floors dedicated to products and a third dedicated to services, including a 46-foot Genius Bar and specially designed areas for workshops and personal training. 
Customer(s) with needs for free, in-depth training on Apple’s industry-leading pro applications including Final Cut Pro can visite the Apple store at West 14th Street. The store houses over 175 highly trained Mac Specialists, Mac Geniuses, and Creatives who are ready to share their expertise in video editing, digital photography, music production and more. 

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