Facebook Good Adds Up video is yet another personalized video, it is a video that will celebrate the good that you and others do while using the world’s largest social media network. It appears that this Facebook Good Adds Up video will feature some fun facts, which you can edit and make changes to. Apparently, this includes details about how you are contributing to communities and more.

Not long ago, the world’s largest social media website, Facebook celebrated reaching 2billion monthly active users. This means that every month, at least 2 billion people access Facebook either from their phones or from the PC. In line with the celebration, Facebook has made a customized video for every user, depending on their pictures and memories they’ve shared on Facebook. The Video is called Facebook Adds Up Video and here is how to watch yours.

How to Watch Your Own Facebook Good Adds Up Video

how to watch my own Facebook good adds up video

There are 2 methods on how to watch your own personalized and customized video. They are:

1. By going through someone’s video:

You can open one of your friend’s Facebook Good Adds Up video, then click on the Watch Yours button that is located at the bottom of the video. Once you click on the button, you will be taken to your own personalized video, just as seen in the picture below;


2. Another method is by directly visiting Facebook’s Good Adds Up page.

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to your own personal video. You can as well download the video to your phone or your PC for subsequent viewing.

Please note this video will remain hidden, private, visible and viewable to you alone until your tag your friends or share it to your timeline.


In some cases, you will get results like “We’re sorry, but we don’t have enough content to create a video for you right now. We hope you’ll keep sharing with your friends and family because we believe that good things happen when we all get together”, don’t worry, just upload more pictures, share memories in Facebook, then check back after a few days later if the video didn’t automatically show up on your newsfeed.

So that’s what Facebook Good Adds Up video is all about and how you can watch yours. If you find this useful, kindly share with others.


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