How to Use iPhone With Broken Home Button

Apple’s iPhones in all its glory and pricey tags isn’t so immune to cracks and breaks just like any other mid or low range smartphone in the market. Drop it on the floor few times, whether accidentally or intentionally, and you’d be stuck with a broken iPhone. But you wouldn’t intentionally break your iPhone’s screen, would you? But in any case, one thing leading to another and you are stuck with an iPhone with a broken screen or an iPhone with broken home button, here is what to do and you can still use your iPhone as if the home button isn’t broken at all.


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How Can I Use iPhone With Broken Home Button?

In most Apple device is a feature called AssistiveTouch. The function of this feature is to put your iPhone’s Home button on your phone’s display. Apple considered the possibility of people having trouble pressing their iPhone buttons, but this AssistiveTouch also comes in handy when you manage to break those buttons, which like I said earlier, you wouldn’t want it to happen. Enable this AssistiveTouch feature and you’ll have your regular iPhone home button on the side of your phone’s display. iPhone With Broken Home ButtonNow, telling you about this handy AssitiveTouch feature is one thing and another thing to enable it. So, here is how to enable it.

==>>   Pull up your iPhone Settings menu on your phone tap on General and then Accessibility followed by Assistive Touch, and then toggle the feature on (you can toggle it off in the same way). You can customize what’s there by selecting “Customize Top Level Menu” from the menu.


==>>   Once this feature is enabled, you’ll have a home button on the side of your phone’s screen. Pressing it will give you access to some of the iPhone’s features, and then you can customize whatever option you see there based on your needs. You can also add things like Siri, volume controls or a shortcut to take a screenshot can also be added to the options (so you don’t have to do that weird home button and volume button press simultaneously).


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==>>   In any case, you don’t wanna continue using your iPhone with its broken screen, you can visit the closest Apple store and get it fixed, or better still you can opt for selling your iPhone which I’ll talk extensively about in next articles. But remember, don’t fix it if it is not broken, Apple’s AssitiveTouch isn’t for everyone, there is no need of enabling it if your iPhone home button isn’t broken.


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