How to Get iPhone X Gestures on Android Phone

iPhone X, despite the fact that it is the most expensive smartphone in the market, still recorded a huge amount of sales starting from the launch date. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the $1000 dollar smartphone but I am sure everyone at least wants to have a feel or experience of it. So I’ve earlier talked about How to Get iPhone X Animoji on Your Android Phone, now we will be talking about how to get iPhone X gestures on Android phone. So just follow these simple steps…

How to get iPhone X gestures on Android phone?

There are several ways to get iPhone X gestures on your Android phone, and I’ll be talking about 2 methods. Just make sure you have your Google account added to your phone, and your Google Play Services update.

how to get iPhone X gestures on Android phone

#1.   Gesture Control – NLN

Gesture Control Next Level Navigation is a lightweight Android app that provides a variety of iPhone X-like gestures which can be used to get several things done, like getting to the Home screen, go back, open recent apps, pull up notifications, call up quick settings.

Gesture Control NLN requires Andriod 4.1 jellybean and comes with tons of features which are limited to free users with default gestures like

✔   Swipe Up: Home.

✔   Swipe Left: Back

✔   Swipe Right: Notifications

✔   Swipe Up and Hold: Recent apps

✔   Swipe Left and hold: Split screen

✔   Swipe Right and hold: Android Quick Settings

✔   Swipe Halfway Up: No default

✔   Swipe Halfway Up and hold: No default.

Several features that are enabled after upgrading to the donation/pro version includes double tap, long tap, and double tap & hold. You can also use to make to work with Google Assistant (if you installed it). In order to provide the above-mentioned functions, the applications use accessibility services features. 

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#2.   All-in-One-Gestures

Still on how to get iPhone X gestures on Android phone, allow me to tell you about another app that can be used to get some iPhone X – like gestures on your Android phone. Unlike the Gesture control next level navigation, the All-in-one-gestures requires Android 4.4 and above. It packs a greater number of features compare to the Gesture control with lots of customizations. 

With All in One Gestures, you can customize the physical keys of your Android phone to respond or perform some tasks like to open apps, shortcuts, and navigate to different screens. For instance, you can set the volume up button to open the music player when you long press it and the change to the next track when the music is playing.

The app also offers several swipe gestures which work along the edges and corners of the devices. Similar to the case of physical buttons, each swipe gesture can be configured to open apps and navigate. In total, you can add 12 swipeable hotspots (by tapping the three dots on the top right corner) which will also add diagonal swipe gestures.

Under the Status Bar tab, you can find the option to add gestures to the status bar (notification bar) and navigation bar. For instance, you can open apps by double tapping the status bar. An inconvenience here is the highly responsive Notifications shade also shows up for a moment.

The app is available in free and paid versions. All the features you’ll need are readily available in the free version, but with Ads. Upgrading to the pro version won’t add any more features, it will simply disable ads.

It is also worth mentioning that though all these features are available for free users (but with ads), some of these features require root access.

How to Get iPhone X gestures on Android phone – Who Needs A Gesture App?

✔   Tech savvy individuals who want to have the latest features on their device

✔   People with small hands or huge smartphones, it is much easier to expand navigation bar from the bottom of the screen, than from the top.

✔   People with broken hardware buttons as well asPeople who use their smartphone with gloves or have problems touching the normal soft keys. The sensor area of this app is customizable so everyone can find the perfect size.

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