How to Get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone

Apple some time ago launched iPhone X and I bet it’s already fetching thousands of dollars for the Cupertino, California guys, despite its flaws. Though the price of the phone is high and not everyone can easily afford it, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the perks that come with it, like the Animoji which was introduced by Apple starting from iPhone X. But not every one can afford a thousand dollar iPhone X, so if you don’t own an iPhone X (probably an Android phone) and you’d like to have a feel of iPhone X on your Android phone, here is Get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone.


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Smileys and Emojis are good ways to animate chats and make the conversation become more lively, fun and interesting. But sometimes these smileys and emojis can be a little boring if you’ve seen them severally without adding a new feature of feelings or expressions. Then Apple introduced an application that uses the Truedepth camera through the movements of our face, to create movement and animation in some emoji and they called it Animoji (Animated Emoji).

But the downside is that this new feature is exclusive to iPhone X, and not even to all iPhone users which I can’t say is surprising. Thanks to I Love IceCream Ltd. Android users starting from 5.0 Lolipop can now enjoy the same Animoji as if they own iPhone X.

Get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone

You might be wondering if it is possible to get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone, but permit me to introduce an app that will make it worth your while. SuperMoji, as they call it, is an application that uses an augmented reality system identical to that used in the Snapchat and other applications with masks and effects. The result is not perfect, however, it allows some jokes, and my guess is that the differences in the results are because Android and Apple’s iOS are two different operating systems and iPhone X itself uses a 3D recognition system.

On launching the app you will see three (3) tabs – background, Supermoji and effects anthy all have several option of actions you can perform. In the first, the background, you can choose the colour or background pattern, or if you want then you can also delete the background and use the desired image in real time.

In the second tab of Supermoji, you can choose the emoji you want to use. At the moment the panda, coconut, cat, alien, dog, and the chicken are available.

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Finally, still on Get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone, in the third tab, you can then choose some effects, such as flames coming out of the mouth, cold environment, rainy environment, among others.

You can also record using either the rear or selfie camera straight from the app, which can be stored in your phone’s gallery and can later be shared with friends and contacts. Click here to download the Supermoji application for your Android device now. So you see.. this is how to easily Get iPhone X Animoji on Android Phone. All you need a few button taps and swipes on your Android phone and you’re good to go.

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