How to Get Free 500mb With MyMTN App (Previously 100mb)

Yes, you too can Get Free 500mb With MyMTN App, just download the app and then follow the steps and guidelines as follows. But before I delve into that, let me quickly tell you about the new MyMTN App that is currently trending. 


The MyMTN app is MTN Nigeria’s latest innovation on how to make sure that every subscriber on their network without having to go through many stress simply because they do not know subscription code for what the service they are looking for. Then MTN came up with this app to enable all MTN subscribers to get any of their packages and services any day any time without any undue stress and protocols.

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The MyMTN app has been around for several years but comes with different names but now MTN has been rebranded it and given it a new name and to top that, they made it possible that you can Get Free 200mb With MyMTN App just by simply downloading the app, and register with your phone number.


How to Get Free 500mb With MyMTN App

To Get Free 500mb (previously 100mb) With MyMTN App, just follow these guidelines below but first, you will need to have an Android phone.

==>>   Then open your text messages and send the word MYMTN to 5018

==>>   You will receive a response after some seconds or minutes that will contain a link where you will download the app. But if the response didn’t come on time, simply use this link to get MYMTN app from Google PlayStore

==>>   Now tap on that link to open it in a browser which will now redirect you to Google PlayStore (app size is 15mb)

==>>   Now after downloading the app, launch it and select Nigeria as your country (or you can select your respective country in case you are not from Nigeria)

==>>   Allow the app to read your contacts and call logs, then type in your MTN Nigeria phone number.

==>>   You will receive an (OTP one time password) which will be used for confirmation.

==>>   Now once you are through with signing up, wait for some minutes and then you will see a screenshot like the one below telling you that you have been given free 100mb


Get Free 500mb With MyMTN App

==>>   On your data and start browsing with the free data, NO VPN needed, and no special configuration settings required.


How to Get Free 500mb With MyMTN App (Previously 100mb)

Upon successful signing up and login in, you will be given a free 500mb that will be valid for 24hours, If you have more than 1 active sim, you can do this on on your sim cards and keep on accumulating data on those sims. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it is possible to accumulate data on the same sim.


Note:  The steps involved in doing this is just the same steps you normally use to add your WhatsApp account to your phone.. it’s as simple as ABC. Don’t forget to use the comment box to share your testimonies.


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