Forget Windows Use Linux (FWUL) — Best Linux Distro For Android Enthusiasts

Whenever I hear about Forget Windows Use Linux, the first thing that comes into my mind that I am sure that there are geeks and nerd out there who’ll agree with me that Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android are the two most commonly used OS in the world today. Windows for laptops and desktops, while Android for mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately, seamless use and communication between these two platforms haven’t been so easy. For now, you can use Android emulators like Bluestacks, Remix OS to run Android apps on a Windows PC. And you can as well use Anbox to run Android Apps on a Linux machine, but there is always this last-minute gap that has always been felt. 

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I don’t know if you’ve had these same gaps (feelings like something is missing) like I always do whenever I try to use Android on a PC either on Windows or Linux, but I now have reasons to believe that steadfasterX, a senior member at XDA shared my concerns even without having a single idea about who I am. (and I can’t say I know him/her either). But the bottom line is that he’s done something that has been on my mind for a long time by creating a releasing a Linux distro “Forget Windows Use Linux” which is a pure Linux distribution for Android enthusiasts.

Forget Windows Use Linux (FWUL)

What is Forget Windows Use Linux (FWUL) All About?

Forget Windows Use Linux is GNU that is based off Arch Linux that facilitates better communication between Android and your (Windows) PC. It comes pre-loaded with a Windows 10-like theme and lots of other Android tools like;

1.    Simple ADB – a GUI-based program for ADB/Fastboot

2.    JOdin – a Java-based version of Samsung Odin software

3.    Heimdall – an open source tool for ROM flashing on Galaxy devices

4.    Tools for flashing LG, Sony, MediaTek devices.

5.    The LGLaf tool to get shell access for unbricking LG phones.

6.    Teamviewer (TV) installer! If you need it just install it by simply starting the installer in the Desktop.

7.    Full Oracle VirtualBox support (since v1-1):

Besides all that, FWUL also supports MTP, PTP, hexchat, VirtualBox support, multi-language, can be used in Live Mode straight from a USB thumb drive without installation.


Detailed instructions for installing and using Forget Windows Use Linux has been provided on the XDA-developers forum. All you need is a clean flash drive, Rufus bootable USB creator and detailed instructions for installing as originally provided by steadfasterX on XDA forum

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