As strange as it might sound to some people, many people do not know how to force restart iPhone X. I was in a store doing a little holiday shopping when I overheard a customer asking another customer please how can I restart iPhone X. At first, I thought was some sort of trick question or some sort of code word, but it later turned out the lady’s phone keeps on freezing, (maybe because of some buggy app she installed), and she needed a solution to be the problem.

Before you can talk about how to force restart iPhone X, there are several reasons that might arise or prompt you. One of the major reasons is that your phone becomes slow in response, ie when your phone takes more than a second to respond to touches. In some cases takes even more than 2 seconds to respond.

Another reason you could be interested in knowing or asking how do I restart iPhone X is that your iPhone because unresponsive from time to time, which could be because of too many ongoing tasks or some unclean app or an under-development app that contains some bugs and errors that needs to be attended to and fixed promptly.

force restart iPhone X

How Do I force restart iPhone X?

The Apple iPhone X which is gradually getting 1 year its been on the market come with a few changes which aren’t seen in the earlier versions of iPhones. Some of the changes include the augmented reality and face ID. Apple also changed the traditional method used to restart iPhones, starting from iPhone 8 series and in the iPhone X came with a little modification.



These changes came because iPhone X didn’t come with a physical home button, but the method’s pretty much the same. It’s all the same press and holding a number of buttons and your iPhone will restart. And this tutorial will detail exactly, how you can initiate a forced restart on iPhone X, (sometimes called a hard reboot), be that as it may if you ever find yourself in the need restarting your iPhone, this is what you need to do;


1.   Press Volume Up, then release

2.   Press Volume Down, then release

3.   Press and hold the Power / Lock button on the right side of your iPhone X

4.   Continue to hold the Power / Lock / Side button until the  Apple logo appears on the screen of your iPhone X which might take a couple of seconds.

Please note that pressing these buttons concurrently will likely either take a screenshot on your iPhone X or initiate the Emergency neither of which I am sure you wouldn’t want.


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