Apple watchOS 3 which has been around for almost 2 years now is one of the best of its kind in the wearable platform. Before its release, Apple watch apps just like any other app do freeze dues to bugs that makes you want to Force Close Apps in Apple Watch,  but the advent of watchOS 3 brought a remedy to that. Besides a fix to the randomly freezing apps, there are several other changes and improvements which were seen in the wearable, and they are


✓   The side button now has a quick link to a whole new dedicated dock.
✓   Several changes to the swipes – Swipe up on a watch face pulls up the Control Center, while swipe left or right switch faces.
✓   A new Breathe app help you relax
✓   Handy emergency SOS which could save a person’s life
✓   Text messages can now be sent directly from your Apple Watch just by scribbling letters on the screen
✓   Several new apps like Reminders, Home, Find My Friends, heart rate were added
 Force Close Apps in Apple Watch

How to Update to watchOS 3

If you own any Apple wearable and would like to update, first you have to make sure that your iPhone is paired with your smartwatch and must be running at least iOS 10 for the update to be available. Once your iPhone has been updated, then you can open the Apple Watch app, then choose General, then Software Update.
Please note that battery level on either of these devices must be at least 50% charged and must be plugged into an external power source.

Whats New in watchOS 3?

As mentioned earlier, a new set of swipe controls were added to watchOS 3, once the update has been completed, one of the first changes you will observe can be found right from your watch face. Just Swipe up from the bottom of the display to access the new Control Center. You will also discover that glances view has been stripped and not available in watchOS 3. 

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Second in the list of what’s new in watchOS 3 is the ability to quickly switch between watch faces just by using the edge gestures and swiping from the left and right side of the display. One of the perks of this new feature is that you can have specialized faces for different tasks. For instance, using one of the new Activity faces for exercise tracking.
Third in the list of what’s new in watchOS 3 is the little changes Apple made to their policy on complications. Apple watch now encourages all third-party apps to offer a watch face complication, even if it’s just a simple link to the app.
Traditionally, every Apple app that is seen in their wearables include a complication, several new additions to the list include Music, Find My Friends, Home, and even a new, separate weather conditions complication (which can be used in tandem with a temperature complication).

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The fourth and probably my favourite on the list of what’s new in watchOS 3 is the addition of a whole new watch app dock with a dedicated button. The watch app dock can be accessed by pressing the side button which before the change, was used to pull up quick contacts.
The dock isn’t just there for fancy and new features sakes, it displays a snapshot of the app in its current state, allowing apps to provide quick-view information and you wouldn’t have to open the software. this way, it is the best fit and best alternative replacement of the now-defunct glances view.
Besides giving you a better view, the new dock app also gives you a better control, you can load your favourite and recently used apps from there, while your preferred apps can be pinned to the dock, which is way cooler and gives you a similar user experience that is similar to macOS or iOS. 

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Still on the new dock app – recently opened apps will automatically occupy the remaining, non-pinned slots, which can be found by scrolling toward the right. In addition, recently opened apps now include a “Keep in Dock button” below, just in case a user wants to pin them. And then you can remove any previously pinned apps by sliding up and selecting “Remove.”


Besides these changes aforementioned features, there are also a number of other great changes in watchOS 3. This includes a handwriting recognition which is very handy in sending text messages, an Emergency SOS feature that can call 9-1-1 and notify loved ones, and the ability to create watch faces from the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

How to Force Close Apps in Apple Watch?

Despite all these new features and improvements, apps in Apple watch can sometimes free and become unresponsive. Thankfully, watchOS 3 includes a quick way to Force Close Apps in Apple Watch straight your wrist, allowing it to start fresh and have your device and that app back to pristine condition.
However, you should know that there are only a few buttons and limited screen space on this wearable, but the doesn’t in anyway limit your chances of successfully Force Close Apps in Apple Watch. However, force closing an app on the Apple Watch is not quite as simple as it is on other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple TV. But it’s still very much possible and of course with a pair of button presses done accordingly.

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To initiate force close of any app in Apple watch, first, the problematic app in question should be open, simply hold the side button for about two seconds. This pulls up the usual “power off” screen.
Then press and hold the Digital Crown in for another couple of seconds. The buggy app will then immediately close, returning the user to the Apple Watch’s “honeycomb” home screen.
Now you can go ahead to launch the app again and you’ll see that it is back to a normal working state. And that’s all about how to close apps on Apple watch, as you can see, it is quite easy.


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