Remove Google Chrome Helper on mac [2018 Guide]

I don’t think time will ever come when there will be a possibility of seeing anyone on this planet that makes use of a computer and internet without knowing or at least heard of Google Chrome. The browser according to is the most popularly used web browser followed by Apple Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Edge and you’d also agree with me that on the Activity Monitor, the operation of the Google Chrome Helper Mac memory is clear and fortunately, this guide will show you how to remove google chrome helper on mac which you’ll definitely need.


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Unfortunately, the fact that Google Chrome is/might be the web browser there is, doesn’t mean there haven’t been several unforeseen situations that makes the usage of the browser less interesting. Take for instance iOS or macOS, just like everybody else who’s using the browser, you notice a reduction on the performance of your PC and then a significant increase in the hotness and coldness of your machine.

When you are faced with such or similar scenario (especially on a macOS Sierra), the next thing that naturally comes into your mind is a solution, then you start looking for ideas and ways to how to remove google chrome helper on mac or even how to kill google chrome helper on mac? But before we get to that, it’s imperative that you understand fully what Google Chrome helper is and what it does, because part of learning how to disable google chrome helper mac memory 2018 is knowing what Google Chrome Helper is all about.

What is Google Chrome Helper on CPU?

Google Chrome, just as any other web browser during installation on a PC adds several underground apps and processes which works in the background to ensure that the PC is interacting properly as it should with the browser and vice versa. Now, this function is solely dependent on the CPU of your PC which sometimes carries a burden it can’t bear with ease, thus resulting to you having a slow PC with a hotter temperature and then you start looking for how to stop google chrome helper.


Why Should I Disable Google Chrome Helper?

Just like most netizen, I’ve severally asked myself why should I remove Google Chrome helper on mac? Then on the course of answering that question, I realized that it’s not just about macOS Sierra users anymore – disabling Chrome helper can be beneficial to anyone that knows the advantage(s) which topping the list is having a PC with improved performance.

This is because when your Google Chrome browser is on with multiple tabs opened (and obviously connected to the internet), the fan of your PC starts to blow unreasonably loud, giving out an exasperating sound, then at that point, you don’t to be told that the joke is s on your CPU. Soonest the fan starts to blow intermittently fast as a way to handle or deal with the framework’s temperature since more load tend to cause overheating that may thus harm your PC. So now you see why you should disable Chrome helper and now you’ve seen the cost, your next question should be:


How can I Remove Google Chrome Helper on mac?

To Disable Google Chrome Helper isn’t as straightforward as it was, couple of years ago with the previous versions of Chrome. Then you could just pull up Google Chrome’s Advance Settings and have the Play on Click option disabled. But with the newer versions of Chrome, achieving this is not a play in the park anymore, but it’s not a rocket science either. So here are four (4) ways to make sure that mac google chrome helper won’t be a pain in the a*s of your CPU again.

#1.      Open Google Chrome Task Manager then terminate individual tasks and processes

remove google chrome helper on mac


And then you get a screen like this one below

remove google chrome helper on mac

Now from the task manager, you can Select and End Individual tasks that are using most of the CPU’s memory.


#2.    Individually Disable Google Chrome Extensions

You might not know this but Chrome extensions perform a number on your computer’s CPU. Now I understand that these extensions are important as they help you with one or several tasks at ease, but you may have to disable or disable or even remove these extensions so as to save your precious CPU and to do so, follow the guide on the image below;

remove google chrome helper on mac

Now this will pull up a window in your chrome browser showing you all the extensions on your browser and then with a disable/remove button at the side of each.


#3.   Revert to Chrome Default Settings

It is worth mentioning that reverting to Chrome’s default or factory setting will take the browser to its pristine condition. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect your settings, pinned tabs, history to still be there when the process is completed. Also, any active extension(s) that are active prior to the reset will be disabled. To reset Google Chrome,

1.   Pull up the “‘Settings” Menu.
2.   Navigate to ‘Advanced’ Settings.
3.   Finally, click on ‘Reset’ to restore the web browser to its default state.

remove google chrome helper on mac

and then

remove google chrome helper on mac

#4.  Change Your Browser

It might be time to start looking at your other options of web browsers you can use, but if you are a die-hard Chrome user and will find it difficult to leave Google Chrome, you can download Google Carnary web browser that is said to be a stable version of Chrome. Orm you can also check out 4 Best Chromium Based Alternative Web Browsers For Your Windows Pc, either way, we’ve got you covered. And if you finally get a method that works best for you, you can then get an Ad blocker which by the way comes preinstalled in Slimjet. Or any other Adblocker you prefer.

Ad blockers come in handy in events like this because they guarantee that flash content, Ads, and Malicious content are not consequently stacked on website pages you access the net. By doing so, you don’t unwittingly harbor treats or modules that may make your Chrome Browser perform less or have an inordinate measure of the CPU’s memory.


Advantages of Removing Google Chrome Helper

I am sure that by now you will no longer be asking if it is important to have google chrome helper disabled on Mac or even on Windows because I belive that by now you’ve seen its merits. To throw further light on the advantage of this, disabling Google chrome helper ensure that embedded content such as YouTube videos, Flash Ads, Javascript, DivX, Quicktime, or Silverlight that are on a web page(s) will not automatically load unless you tell them to. Which will in turn result, you’ll use a lesser amount of internet data to load pages and web pages you visit on the net will tend to load faster.

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