Debate: Let’s Talk About The Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

There is this constant and interchangeable use of Computer Science and Computer Engineering among new entrants in the field of computing, especially at tertiary institutions. These two terms have so many in common and so many in antagonism. Personally, I’ve had my own share of being looked down on because I tend to be interested in technology more than fashion, which BTW can be a little weird for a girl, but seriously, Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?
I’ve also had my own share of guys and girls who’d wanna spend to the whole day texting and emailing me just because they are fascinated by my enthusiasm in learning technology and understanding how it works. Be that as it may, all these started with my quest know and understand the difference between computer science and computer engineering.
Properly understanding these two terms which are interchangeably used in our society today helped me a lot in choosing the right path towards advancing my knowledge of computers.
Computing and technology in industries have created a lot of opportunities today, it has also created an avenue for students to have better education, understanding, and knowledge of what the job community requires of them as degree holder(s) in this field. It also made the process of selecting the right college program more challenging, especially for the kids with little or no guidance and assistance.
 Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Difference Between Computer Science And Computer Engineering

As disclosed ab into, computer science and computer engineering share a lot in common as well as a lot of indifference. One of the major difference is that the latter (computer engineering) deals mainly with a physical, electrical and practical aspect of a computer while the former (computer science) deals with processing, storage, and communication of data and instructions.

Difference and Similarities between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

To give you a clearer understanding of the difference between computer engineering and computer science, and to clear the regular misconception of several people between them, I have drawn these 3 bold points to distinguish between the two, starting with Computer Science.

Computer Science is Vast and is not Limited to Programming

In as much as we’ve all agreed to come to terms that computer science deals mainly with processing, storage, and communication of data and instructions, (which basically means it’s a desk job) with a little programming every now and then. It doesn’t mean that computer science is for clerks and little nerds who don’t or won’t go deeper beyond programming.
As a matter of fact, computer science is an umbrella that covers four (4) major broad, huge, versatile areas of computing which are;
  1. Theory
  2. Algorithms
  3. Architecture and
  4. Programming languages
Explaining these areas of computing under computer science in simpler terms starting with the first:
In computer science, you get to learn and study about data which are processed using series of instructions into becoming information, and how this information is communicated from one joint to another and stored by computing devices.
By studying the theory part, you get to learn about rest of the areas in computer science which are; the data processing techniques/algorithms, techniques for writing programs, communication protocols, (hierarchy) organization of data in databases, etc.
In a nutshell, you learn several day-to-day problems and then how to apply all these knowledge (knowledge of computer science) in solving them using computer systems, not just as a clerk or desk-person. But for large entities, individuals, companies, developers, security systems, etc.
Several computer science college undergraduate programs cover a broad range of topics which will enable students to work with/across multiple areas in their field of choice. Thereby exposing them several opportunities and help them focus on which one(s) that are best for them. That being said, if you love computers and would want to venture more into the field, it is very important that you properly research the right graduate program and the colleges that will best give you what you desire.

Computer Engineering is More Applied in Nature

One important point I wouldn’t want you to forget or get mixed up with anything is the fact that computer engineering is an amalgam (mixture) of computer science and electrical engineering. You cannot talk of computer engineering without combining the knowledge of computer science computer science and electrical engineering.
As a Computer Engineer, you are expected to have the knowledge of computer hardware and software and be able to combine this knowledge, use them interchangeably into working on almost all computing tasks.
The summary of what is expected of you as a computer engineer is to know your microprocessors, how microprocessors function,how they designed and optimized, how to take care of them, how data transfer takes place, and how software is written/compiled for different hardware platforms. And to be able to do all these, you’d have to eat, breath, chew, think, almost everything computers. You need to have a special bond between yourself and computers, you’d almost have to be a nerd by birth.
In a nutshell, computer engineering all the concepts of the areas of computer scince into action. It is safe to say that a computer engineer is responsible for running a software created by a computer scientist.

Conclusion on the Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

The understanding and the misconception that often arises because of this evergreen question computer engineering or computer science which one is better?is a result of the nature of both fields. They both need each other to function effectively in the society, a computer science needs a computer engineer to have his/her work appreciated and vice versa.
They both share some bridge as well which includes the use of a computer and a software. And if you wish to get into either of the two as a degree program, you have to know your mathematics, and basic computer operation as well as programming.

Can I be a Computer Science and Computer Engineer at the same time?

Personally, I’d yes, you can be a Computer Science and Computer Engineer at the same time, or you can choose to become 1 after the other. it all boils down to your preferences and your intellectual capability. And that concludes it on the Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering, I hope you’ve learned and acquired the information and knowledge you are seeking for, now go and fill out those college forms and good luck in your pursuit.

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