If you have just been following the news and not just some mediocre Facebook user, you’d be aware that over a month now, there’s been this serious argument of a breach in privacy. There’s been this huge question mark that just recently tainted Mark Zuckerberg and his multi-billion dollar company.
The big question is nothing other than the fact that whether Facebook is invading people’s privacy, sells its users individual data and private information to the highest bidder and make a huge amount of dollars from it, which less regard to whether lives and properties are endangered in the process.

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Facebook, however, responded promptly to address these concerns through various means such as press conferences and even appearing before the United States Senate committee to answer questions regarding the company’s use and protection of user data. However, the multi-billion dollar company and the world’s most popular social media network has already started sending out notifications to their users, informing them of this unpleasant development.

How to Check Your Facebook Details Cambridge Analytica?

Sadly, not everyone was invited to this party and not everyone has gotten the notification yet which usually appears on your newsfeed. Be that as it may, if by now you still haven’t seen the prompt in your News Feed, do not panic, there’s a simple way to check your account. 

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Facebook’s help center is a great place that is rarely used by many users, and now, it has a section that tells you whether you or a friend were affected because of this biggest data breaches of all time in the history of Facebook, it is available right here.
At this point, it’d be best if you’d take a minute to review the list apps you’ve allowed or given access to your Facebook account and remove the apps you no longer need or any unfamiliar app.

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