Many times we get really annoyed and irritated because of slow response from either our browser of from the ISP. And actually, the feeling is felt more if your neighbour or colleague is using the same browser as you and have no issues. That will be when you know that your web browser is having issues and needs attending. So in that manner, I have put together an article containing my list of best Chromium Based Alternative Web Browsers just for you.

Now cleaning the browser history, cookies and cached files should do the trick and get everything to get back up and running but sometimes it just doesn’t help. So now you are in the market of people looking for the Best Chromium web browsers that can serve you the urgent need of web surfing. If that is your case, then read on cos this article is for you.

Best Chromium Based Alternative Web Browsers

Luckily, several companies have their own third-party Chromium-based web browsers which I must say are really good and standard. And also they offer a few security or privacy tweaks such as removing communication with Google servers, built-in ad blocking, mouse gestures, better tab/download/bookmark management or even something unique like a built-in VPN or DNS encryption.

Best Chromium Based Alternative Web Browsers

And here is my list of best chromium based alternative web browsers with a brief description and their features.

1. Yandex Browser

Yandex has been around for about half a decade now. It is owned by Yandex which is Russia’s version of Google. Yandex is the Russian internet services giant with one of the biggest search engines in the world. Yandex Browser is available in Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux. Below is the highlight of its features

✔ Mouse and rocker gestures (not customizable)

✔ Tab position top or bottom with colored tabs to match website theme

✔ Disable all notifications for 3 hours

✔ Opera based Turbo mode to compress pages and video on slow connections

✔ Smart box with advanced search and share to email/Facebook/Twitter

✔ Antishock blocks fraudulent or unpleasant ads and popups

✔ One click extension install for Evernote, LastPass, Adguard, Lightshot, Pocket, Turn off the lights

✔ DNSCrypt sends encrypted requests to a DNSCrypt enabled DNS server

✔ Protected mode for banking and payment systems applies stricter security policy

✔ Protect security system scans downloads with antivirus and secures webpages/WiFi/settings

✔ Ebook and document viewer can read epub, fb2, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, rtf as well as pdf etc.


2. Cent Browser

First Appeared in 2015, Cent browser is Chromium-based web browser that is owned and managed by a small group of developers from China. Cent browser isn’t loaded with big features because its developers focus on tweaks and improvements. The single extension process memory saving feature could potentially reduce memory usage if you use multiple extensions. The drawback is one extension crashing will likely crash the other extensions as well. It comes both in an installable version and portable version. Some features of Cent browser include

✔ Multiple open/close tab options with custom width and hover activate

✔ Hideable bookmarks bar, multiple bookmark columns, left edge bookmarks

✔ Custom stylesheet, cache directory, and startup command line box

✔ Built-in download manager accessible from the toolbar

✔ Memory optimizations with auto purge and use a single extension process

✔ Mouse gestures, rocker gestures and Super Drag

✔ QR code generator in the address bar

✔ Fast image saver, auto scroll, the custom background color for all web pages

✔ Video popup with play in a window, enlarge to page, download video/audio


3. Vivaldi

This browser is new in the market of web browsers yet it is already pulling weights, especially since after dropping its stable version in 2016. Vivaldi browser was created by a former founder and CEO of the original Opera and it reintroduces many of the features and functions that were removed from Opera. As a result of this improvements, Vivaldi is currently popular among advanced users and geeks. Some features of Vivaldi includes

✔ Customizable Speed Dial/Start page with folder groups

✔ Auto Color changing UI to match the website you’re viewing

✔ Custom themes with scheduling for day and night time themes

✔ Tab stacking, tiling, cycling, hibernating and preview options

✔ Page actions including CSS debugger, content blocker, color filters

✔ Vivaldi button or horizontal options menu

✔ Customize tab bar position, display, handling, cycling, stacking and pinned tabs

✔ Custom keyboard shortcuts and quick commands

✔ Bookmark system with thumbnails and nickname shortcuts

✔ Quick commands (F2) to quickly find the function or keyboard shortcut etc.


4. FlashPeak’s Slimjet

This list can never be complete without adding the browser that is currently making my days of web surfing very interesting. Slimjet is made by FlashPeak which is an Austin, Texas, USA based company that is committed to producing high-quality software to help you fully focus on doing what you want to do instead of figuring out how to do it on the computer. Slimjet uses the Microsoft Trident layout engine and it has both a portable and installable versions. Some features of Slimjet includes

✔ Built in ad blocker with whitelisting and additional filter lists

✔ Multiple connections download manager with resume

✔ Video Downloader with audio extraction

✔ Screenshot capture including selected area mode

✔ Built-in video recording of current tab via Screencastify extension

✔ Customizable toolbar with 21 buttons and profile switch button remover

✔ Enhanced tab options

✔ Mouse gestures with basic super drag to search and open links

✔ Photo shrink and upload with photo enhancer and clipboard upload

✔ Tracking prevention with social network javascript and Google ad blocking

✔ Custom cache directory and size

✔ Memory management with idle tab unload and auto optimize memory

✔ Facebook integration with one click share text/image/link

✔ Customizable new tab/Start page with built-in weather forecast

✔ Smart form filler with a quick fill and auto fill

✔ Proxy manager with quick switcher toolbar button

✔ Save web page as PDF

✔ Auto refresh current or all tabs at specified intervals

✔ Tracking prevention with remove search engine indirect links and block third-party content

Opera and UC browser didn’t make this list of best chromium based alternative web browsers because of my recent experiences with them. To me, these browsers are really wonderful and they all come with great customizable features. So now, you too have to opportunity to download and explore each and every one of them as you wish.

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